Shaarei Torah of Richmond Virginia

Shaarei Torah
4811 Patterson Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226

Business Office
6801 Patterson Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226

About Us

Shaarei Torah provides a rigorous education in both Jewish and general studies, utilizing both traditional and innovative instruction. Our teachers are committed to individualized teaching methods within our enriched curriculum.

We help our students become knowledgeable caring young women, imbued with a love of Judaism and concern for the broader community.

Educational Philosophy

At Shaarei Torah of Richmond, each studentís individualized learning style is recognized. We focus on each studentís needs and carefully nurture her natural talents and her desire to learn. Classes are structured to encourage our students to work together, as well as independently. They learn to expand their abilities and interests. Above all, they learn to become active participants in the learning process.

We believe that in todayís modern world where students are faced with choices of cultures and ideologies, a comprehensive understanding of Torah Hashkafah is paramount.

Beyond the Classroom

Our students also pursue special interests and skills outside of the classroom. Many students enjoy participating in the student council, the annual play/production and volunteering throughout the community including with senior citizens and the physically challenged. Through extracurricular activities, students get to know each other better and share their talents and interests with the community.

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