Dear Friends,

Welcome to Shaarei Torah of Richmond Virginia, and to our website, your e-window into our wonderful yeshiva. We are a place where young and old come to learn with excitement, where inquisitive minds come to explore the wonders of the world and of our unique history and destiny. We study everything from halacha (Jewish laws and customs) to AP calculus, macroeconomics to advanced Hashkafa, all with an eye towards building our individual character and the character of our nation.

Educating and inspiring our high school students since 1994, our school continues to plan for a strong Jewish community, teaching our students on the highest levels of academic challenge and sharing the beauty of our Torah way of life with the best and brightest young minds. Engendering within our future leaders a passion for G-d’s Torah and its guiding way, we seek to enlist our young adults in the cultural struggles of our nation. They are made to understand that they have personal responsibilities, are a part of history during an important time in history and that, as Rabbi Berel Wein has said many times, “…there are no extra Jews in the world.” Our task is to provide the best education imaginable and inspire our students to reach for greatness.

Successfully accomplishing that task requires some extraordinary ingredients. First, we must have outstanding educators, the “best in the business”; people who not only are Torah scholars and leaders in their respective disciplines, but who understand and love children. They must be inspired learners and creative and effective communicators. We are blessed to have a cadre of such individuals, whose passion and commitment to the mesorah and their calling inspires me every day.

Second, we must fully understand the struggles of our times and the real challenges that face our children. We must reach them where they are and inspire them to overcome those challenges as they seek what is good and as they understand their responsibility to prepare to lead. In our short time, we have already been b”H blessed with seeing students turn into leaders here in our own community, kayn yirbu.

Come inside and explore the world of the Shaarei Torah. Read about our mission, our faculty and our program. Glance at the pictures and scroll through the news and the archives. See what we have accomplished and imagine what is yet to come. And, if you have not done so already, or if you have not done so in a while, come into the building and see the future leaders of our people!

All the best,

Rabbi Hal Klestzick

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